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Free, opensource and future proof Instagram downloader.

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Username 9h
Username #hashtag #instasee
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What is InstaSee?

InstaSee is small Google Chrome plugin that lets you open in new tab images and videos from Instagram by right clicking on them and select "open in new tab" from the right-click menu. Simple as that! The images ( or videos ) will open in bigger size and better resolution. You can view or save them as regular images.

How to use it?

First, install the plugin from Chrome Store, or by clicking the fat blue button on the top of the page. Then go to Instagram and just right click on any image and then choose "Open in new tab" from the context menu. If you want to open a video, you have to first start playing it, and then open it in new tab.

Is it better than other Instagram downloaders?

It is! It is free and opensource ( code available at GitHub ), so everyone can check on it. The plugin works only on page, does not collect, track or save any information and does not communicate with servers. I do not compromise on privacy. Also, it is future proof, due to the unique way it works.

How does it work?

You cannot directly right-click on image and open it in new tab, because the image is "hidden" under another element, receiving mouse interactions. Hover over the instagram post below, and try to select "Image or video" text, without the mouse leaving the boundaries of the interaction area. Good luck!

Username 9h


Image or video

Interaction area

Username #hashtag #instasee
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What's InstaSee does is when you right-click your mouse, it will get that image or video for you, and open it in new tab. If the image or video were uploaded with better quality, you'll see bigger image. Simple and elegant. Also, because InstaSee does not rely on any specific DOM elements, it works with every new Instagram update. Most of the other plugins will stop work after Instagram website update, but not InstaSee!

I'm not on Chrome or cannot install extensions :(

We've got you covered! Just drag InstaSee bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, go to Instagram, then click the link you've just bookmarked. Then right click on some image or video, and "open in new tab" button should appear. Click it and that's all. You can read more about bookmarklets here. Also, this is great way to explore the plugin without installing it. The code is available at

Show me the code!

It's available at Feel free to contribute to it.

Can you do a custom Chrome plugin for me?

Short answer - yes. For a longer answer, contact me at hi[at]

Does this page works offline?


What about cookies?

I use Google Analytics on the site ( it leaves cookies, you know ) to see if people are interested in this product. People using my open-source plugins motivates me to write and share more. If you don't want to be tracked via Google Analytics, click here.